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Science proves that occlusion training increases muscle growth – We simply help you achieve the result for yourself.

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Study after study has found that adding occlusion training to your normal strength training yields better results – faster.

There are already more than 70 scientific PubMed
indexed studies on occlusion training.
Michella decline curls myocclusion
Gustav push downs myocclusion

Fast and effective

The bands are easy to put on and the workouts are quick yet effective. Training protocols for both arms and legs are sub 10 minutes.

Most research has been done with 8-10 min workouts
using just 20-40% the weight they could lift.

Pro workouts
on any device

Thorough guide with info, guidance and several pro training protocols built and approved by PhD Anders Nedergaard.

Human biologist with a PhD in muscle biology. Also
more than 20 years experience as a trainer.

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Customer experiences

Kenni Eliasen occlusion arms
Kenni Eliasen
image description
Runner up at GNBF International Bodybuilding Championship

“I have been interested in occlusion training for years, and I experimented with everything from robber bands to knee wraps without a real success – it either falls of, lose pressure or is too tight or too loose. A real hassle!

With Myocclusion’s bands there is no hassle. Only takes a few seconds to put on, tighten it and it is so easy to adjust pressure and get them off when you are done. Not to mention how comfortable they are.

The effects are also obvious – especially on your arms. For the 10 years I have been working out I have had issues getting bigger arms. Occlusion training has been more effective than anything else I have tried!”

Mads H. Møller occlusion training testimonial
Mads Møller
image description
Legal advisor and average fitness enthusiast

“I am not necessarily the biggest fitness enthusiast, so I think it is awesome that I can have so short and quick workouts that are still highly efficient for growing muscle. I have had troubles with back herniates, but this allows me to workout with light weights.”

Therese Vilrik kaatsu review
Therese Vilrik Bruun
image description
Bodyfitness Champion of Sweden Grand prix 2016

“My boyfriend, Gustav, and I tried it for the first time the other day. I had never tried occlusion training before, but Myocclusion’s bands were surprisingly good and comfortable plus they gave a great, solid pump in a matter of minutes.”

Mikke Leicht BFR bands
Mikkel Leicht
image description
Denmarks strong man 14, 15 & 16

“Really awesome, and easy to use, tool for your training. I have experienced really good results using them for rehabilitating strength and size in my leg after a tear at World Strongest Man in Botswana. The fastest recovery I have ever experienced.”

What is occlusion training (aka. kaatsu or bfr) and is it safe to do?

Occlusion training is a training method shown repeatedly by science as well as real life to accelerate muscle growth considerably, even with low loads (20-40% of 1RM) and short workouts. This makes it a novel and valuable tool for the musclehead wanting bigger guns or massive wheels, as well as recovering orthopedic patients or injured athletes looking to reduce muscle loss from lack of normal training.

Use of KAATSU has been used in gyms and rehabilitation centers in Japan for more than a decade, allowing for a good assessment of adverse effects on a large scale. Safety studies conclude that the risk of occlusion training-induced cardiovascular incidents such as thrombosis or pulmonary embolism are no bigger than in the background population. The most common adverse effects are bruising and petechiae, small bleedings in the skin. However, those are completely benign and only last for a few days.

Only keep the bands on for 10 minutes at a time

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What does a training look like and why are there different bands for legs?

The most well known training protocol is 4 sets with 30-15-15-15 repetitions with 20% of your 1 RM (the weight you can lift one time).Pauses are 1 minute between each set, which means training for 6-8 minutes. This has been proved to be highly effective.

We have different band designs for the arm and leg occlusion training bands. While in development, we experimented with several band designs and found that a single layer band was unable to produce sufficient occlusion. This stems from two reasons: First, the tension around an object (in this case, a limb) needed to produce a given inward pressure increases linearly with the diameter of said object. Second, the inward pressure needed to reach a given degree of occlusion is larger in the legs than in the arms, probably owing to the fact, that the large vessels in the legs lie deeper and are more shielded bu muscle tissue. In order to overcome these problems and make leg training occlusions that actually work, contrary to many of the available commercial products, we created multi-layered leg training occlusion bands.

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